Video art


From the moment we are born, we incorporate the information that is provided to us. We experience it and we build ourselves through it.

With the passage of time and experience, we leave that initial generality aside. We divest ourselves of what we believe to be useless or worthless to our purpose. We look for confort and transformation in selecting only what we need to form a new and own construct.

Likes, affections and interests respond to a selective perspective.

In the first video I use the concept of sphere as a representative of totality and generality. The performance draws on the gradual stripping of that plurality to find – both endogenously and exogenously – my uniqueness.

In the third and last part of the story, after having emptied and cleaned myself completely as a way of death and resurrection, I build my new self by using the game ” Go ” as a life analogy with its ways and decisions. This is a Chinese game that, apart from being 4000 years old, it was also considered one of the 4 essential arts of Chinese ancient times.

This game has infinite combinations and each individual game is unique. The objective of the game is to surround a territory in order to control it.

Part 1

Part 3